Are you a woman who seems to have it all, but you feel there is something missing?


You have it all; the house, the family, the career, the lifestyle you have always aspired to, but something is missing.

You ask yourself, “What do I have to be unhappy about?” Feeling lost, hopeless and guilty.

You are likely keeping your feelings to yourself because everything looks perfect on the surface.  You have everything you need; who would understand? You know there is more, but you don’t want to voice your unhappiness for fear of being judged and feeling guilty for being ungrateful for what you have.

But you know in your heart life could be better, you want to find peace, calm, flow in your life, satisfaction, wholeness, the missing piece to the puzzle.

You are in the right place! I’m glad you have found me.


I’m Georgie Coote, and I’m a Certified Mindful Change Coach and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I help women like you who seem to have it all but who feel something is missing, to dig deep within themselves and find clarity, calm, and their missing pieces, so they can flourish in every aspect of their lives.

During our time working together, I create a non-judgmental, nurturing, safe space so you can explore your thoughts and ideas. I listen deeply, and encourage you to look within yourself to find answers to your challenges. 

Acknowledging that you know yourself best, I won’t tell you what you need, but I can help you move through your journey of self discovery.

When you are ready to make changes, I can help you clarify how to create small manageable steps to make them a reality and integrate them into your life.

Here are some of my client’s successes!

  • Incorporating a successful, maintainable and enjoyable exercise routine into their busy lives.
  • Changing eating habits to increase their health and that of their family.
  • Taking steps to reduce stress in their lives that lead to greater physical and mental wellness and better sleep.
  • Reconnecting with their partner on a deeper level and revamping their relationship.
  • Learning to cope with the uncertainty of Covid-19 and build their resilience to be able to live life without fear.
  • Resurrecting a spiritual practice that went by the wayside when life got busy.
  • Finding new purpose and passion as an empty nester.
  • Finding ways to manage their anxiety which increased their quality of life.
  • Securing a more fulfilling job that allowed them more time and energy for their family and themselves.
  • Being able to nurture their living space to create a more calm and balanced energy in their home.
  • Finding balance between friends, family and their own needs.
  • Letting go of self-limiting beliefs and finding clarity to enable them to put themselves first.
  • and so many more!
What would that one thing be that you would like or need to change in your life that you know would make a difference?

What clients are saying about Georgie

“Georgie’s ability to read the situation, provide space when needed, and lean in just the right amount and in the right direction are seemingly natural and innate skills to her that makes working with her so incredible.

Liz, WA

“I absolutely LOVED working with Georgie! I looked forward to our call every week. She was so present and patient that I found myself discovering solutions to things I had put off for years. The care and respect Georgie showed made my coaching experience even more amazing. She is the best!”

Kelly, CA

“Georgie’s support and focus have helped me reach goals that I was unable to do on my own.  Her style allows me a safe space in which to set the goal, explore and give clear intentions for my bigger vision.”

Sarah, ME

Let’s chat

If you are intrigued about coaching with me, why not book a free, no obligation, 30 minute zoom call where we can get to know each other, you can explore how coaching can help you and can get answers to any questions you may have, PLUS we can do a few minutes coaching so you can understand my style and see if we are a good fit for each other. Sound good?

Georgie Coote NBC-HWC, offers health and wellness coaching for women who seem to have it all but who feel like something is missing. She encourages them to dig deep within themselves to find clarity, calm, and their missing pieces so they can flourish in every aspect of their lives. Based in Seattle WA, she works with clients all over the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.