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Hi there, I’m Georgie. Originally from the UK, I have lived in Seattle since 2004, having moved with my husband and two daughters, four and a newborn. It was a crazy time, but we never looked back!

When my kids were young, I wanted to be there for them but also knew I needed something outside my role as a mother. I have always used my innate skills as a great listener, nurturer, and empath in everything I do, and it was natural to seek out fulfilling work that would use these skills.

In my twelve years welcoming clients into my reflexology practice, they always felt embraced, heard and I would intuitively know what would help them.
For many years I answered my calling as a birth doula. I helped women and couples through the transition to parenthood as they stepped over the threshold of what went before, and into the unknown of birth and parenting. A new and different life. Starting with the challenges of birth, supporting them to navigate the unknown.

After many long births and hours on call, it was time for me to move away from birth work. It was a natural transition into coaching.

Now I see the work I do with women and couples as going through the other end of this cycle of parenthood—the transition to their new lives where their children have flown the nest. Again what went before; the busy hustle and bustle of family life, putting everyone’s needs before their own, the constant being needed, all changes as you step over this new threshold of empty nesting. Now the future is uncertain, and many don’t know what comes next.

It’s almost unimaginable to have so much free time and to be able to choose what to do with it!

Georgie Coote Health and Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Seattle, Sammamish, Bellevue, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, California

In a blink of an eye, my babies, who I seem to have birthed only yesterday, are independent and taking their unique gifts out into the world. I have learned to let go over the years as they gradually became more independent and didn’t need me as much. Now I have time to put into what I love to do; to nurture others to overcome health concerns, reach goals they never thought possible, and live their life in a way that brings them joy.

I love to learn about new things. If something interests me, I am a knowledge sponge, reflexology, shamanism, aromatherapy, nutrition, birth, energy work, healing, mindfulness, a plethora of health-related interests; the list goes on. I love it when a client hesitantly brings up a subject, expecting to have to explain what it is, and I can say, “Yes, I know a little about that,” and then they can use their time to focus on themselves. It makes a huge difference in our sessions.

When I am not coaching, I enjoy paddleboarding and kayaking in summer, skiing and snowshoeing in winter. I love to be in nature with my dogs, get my hands dirty in the garden, practice yoga, and play strategic board games with my husband and friends. My husband and I love the freedom of traveling outside school vacation times, but ultimately, I am a homebody and am the happiest curling up with a good murder mystery novel with a warm puppy on my lap.

“Georgie is amazing, and I will always be grateful to her for the work that we did together! She was an incredible support, motivator, and sounding board during challenging times.

Jen, WA

Certifications and experience

Georgie Coote NBC-HWC, is a guide for women and couples who have not made their emotional, physical and/or mental wellness a priority and are now ready to put themselves first and flourish in every aspect of their lives. Based in Seattle WA, she works with clients all over the United States and the United Kingdom.

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