Showing gratitude: Why it makes you feel good

Showing gratitude

When my family first moved to the US in 2004 from the UK, we were excited to have my oldest daughter, Lucy, then four, learn to ski; she was a natural and took to it like a duck to water.  The pressure was on to get her up to the mountain as much as possible,…

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Imposter Syndrome: Can I really do this?

Imposter Syndrome

Many of my clients are starting their businesses, becoming entrepreneurs for the first time either after years at home with their kids, or having the desire to change careers and start a business around something they are passionate about. One of the biggest stumbling blocks they typically face is Imposter Syndrome. What is Imposter Syndrome?…

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Turning towards your partner builds a strong marriage

strong marriage tips

Are you in the black in your relationship bank account? Last weekend my husband and I went on an adventure to a lake in the nearby mountains; we loaded up our paddle boards with our backpacking gear and paddled to the far side of the lake to camp out overnight. The following morning, I woke…

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Are you ready to create a vision of your future?

visioning as a couple

Having a clear vision of your future helps you create small steps to make it happen. Creating a powerful vision of your future can be a catalyst to manifesting the life of your dreams. Why make a vision of your future? To clarify what you want. – when you are making a life vision and…

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Navigating Midlife Transitions

midlife transition for women

There is no doubt that we go through many transition times, and midlife transitions are no exception. The Midlife Transition of the Empty Nest One huge challenge is facing the empty nest; after years of giving your all to your children and preparing them for their flight into the world with confidence, you may be…

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How to Raise Your Vibrational Energy

raising your vibrational energy

Have you ever wondered why some people continue to attract good things, and others seem to have one piece of bad luck after another? When you are consciously aware of your vibrational energy levels and strive to keep them high, not only is your outlook on life more positive, but you will pull other people…

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Are you ready to step into your power?

powerful women

Recently I was thrown in the deep end, and as I have experienced many times before, when I get thrown in the deep end, I don’t sink; I swim like a mermaid! It’s in times like this I step into my power. At age ten, I saved a fellow girl scout from drowning when everyone…

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Is your inner critic holding you back?

inner critic women

Are you your own cheerleader? If you are, that is fantastic, but unfortunately, many of us are not, letting our inner critic be the loudest voice in our head and listening to our negative self-talk. Do you speak to yourself the same way you speak to those that you love and care for? We are…

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Create more flow in your day – get organized.

create more flow

Do you get to the end of the day and feel you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to? Do you feel like you want to create more flow in your life but find yourself always racing against the clock to get things done? Perhaps you are trying to accomplish too much in a day. We…

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