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everyday life reentry

Re-entry into everyday life, how’s it looking for you?

Thinking back to this time last year and what a shock to the system it was; everyone…

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Move towards change with 7 powerful journal prompts.

Welcome the spring season to your life! Whether we acknowledge it or not, we subconsciously live by…

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women midlife crisis

What’s wrong with having a midlife crisis?

A midlife crisis might just be the call you need to answer. At a party recently, a…

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Daily Stress Reducing Conversation

Your children don’t need you to solve their problems

How a daily stress-reducing conversation can help you all decompress A few weeks ago, I was at…

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woman juggling life work family balance

How many hats do you wear in a day?

Make changes in your life to reduce stress and burnout. As parents, colleagues, friends, partners, well let’s…

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7 ways to have a great start to day

7 Ideas for a great start to your day

Start your day right! I love to have a morning routine, it keeps me grounded and helps…

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New routine

Want to start a new routine?  6 easy steps to make your goals achievable!

Simple ways to stop making excuses to yourself.  My exercise routine has fallen by the wayside; it’s…

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