Coaching in Nature


Come meander with me...

Join me in a spiritual coaching journey where we will connect with nature and be grounded in all it has to offer.

We start in at our chosen location and cross the bridge between the busy outer world and the nature beyond.

We use the experience of the winding path, the ground beneath our feet, the fresh air in our lungs to bring new perspective. Over the course of a one-hour session, we may walk the trails or sit in the meadow - we choose what feels right for your needs.

When we are done, many clients choose to stay in the forest for some time to integrate our work together by journaling, meditating in the meadow or exploring new trails.


It's real. We can't help but slow down when we're in the forest. The quiet helps us make space to reflect and understand ourselves in new ways. When we move in the wild there is a freedom that opens us up to the unexpected.

Locations are in Sammamish WA. Big Rock Park, Beaver Lake Preserve, or Evans Creek Preserve.  All carefully chosen to provide the space to walk side-by-side and find quiet away from crowds. All are a gentle stroll, nothing too strenuous.

If you prefer a different location or one nearer to you, please reach out to me and we can work something out. Additional travel costs may apply.

INVESTMENT: $125 for a one-hour session of in-person wellness coaching in nature.

coaching in nature