Coaching in Nature

Come meander with me

Join me in a spiritual coaching journey where we will connect with nature and be grounded in all it has to offer. Connecting deeply and allowing your right creative brain to fire up and bring you insights and knowing you can only dream of in your conscious mind.

We start in the meadow at the Big Rock Park North parking lot and cross the bridge between the busy outer world and the nature beyond. Pausing briefly to become grounded using breath and mindfulness, we move on, starting our coaching journey together.

Meandering through the wide gravel and wood chip paths feeling the ground beneath our feet, we start to explore where you are now and where you want to be.
Not worrying where each path takes us, allowing things to unfold as they will this is a journey of self discovery.

Reaching the far meadow, we can choose to sit and carry on our session or continue to meander.
The choice is yours.

Reaching back where we started we again pause to close our time together consciously. I will leave you here to spend as long as you like journaling your discoveries or just to sit with your new understanding.

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Location in Sammamish WA is Big Rock Park which provides the space to walk side by side and the quiet away from crowds. It’s a gentle stroll, nothing too strenuous.

If you prefer a location nearer to you, please reach out to me and we can work something out.

Coaching in Nature Sessions

1 hour Coaching in Nature

In-person coaching

$145 USD

Georgie Coote NBC-HWC is a guide for women and couples who have not made their wellness a priority and are now ready to put themselves first and flourish in every aspect of their lives. Based in Seattle WA, she works with clients all over the United States and the United Kingdom.

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