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I get you…

Right now, you feel that every day is just too hard.  Your energy is low; you move through each day on autopilot, limping from one activity to the next. 

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Just getting it done with no enjoyment.  You flop into bed at night exhausted but strangely unable to sleep. 

Perhaps you are waking in the early hours with worries and anxiety, unable to get back to sleep.  By morning, you may have drifted off, but you do not feel refreshed and have to drag yourself into another day when you wake.

Your body may be sending you signs that something needs to change; how you are managing your life now is not sustainable if you want to stay healthy. 

Perhaps you are getting headaches or unexplained aches and pains, possibly gaining weight for no reason; for sure, your energy is low, but doesn’t everyone feel like this if they live a busy life?

Your body starts to shout louder; you may develop migraines, anxiety, perhaps an autoimmune disorder, or other chronic condition.

You CAN feel better…

The pressures of life don’t go away; your family, your job, your activities all stay the same, but what you can change is YOU.  You can change your perspective, your mindset, your habits; you can start to put yourself first to take care of yourself before you take care of others.

There is something to be said about putting on your oxygen mask before your child’s.

From these internal changes, external changes may follow.  You can start to see what you want more clearly and make some tweaks to your life to suit you better.  You will have the energy to do this!  The more shifts you make the closer you will get to feeling happy, healthy, and living a life full of joy.

You CAN flourish!

You will connect with yourself on a deeper level, taking notice of your inner knowing, growing in confidence, trusting your intuition, and finally feeling connected with your mind, body, and spirit.

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Whether you believe you only get one life or not, this is the life you have right now; let’s make the most of it and live it to the fullest!

Georgie is an outstanding coach who consistently extends the precious gift of her presence. Through mindful attention, accurate reflection, curiosity and gentle exploration, clients are given space to discern their hearts’ desires, clarify what’s theirs to achieve, discover what might be in the way, and design steps to move forward. I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to be coached by Georgie. I gained clarity on some specific action steps I could take to achieve more work-life balance and serenity. Overall, I found the sessions meaningful, respectful and powerful.

Billie Frances – Guiding Mindful Change

Session packages

1 month coaching journey

4 x weekly 30 minute Zoom calls

$349 USD
3 month coaching journey

12 x weekly 30 minute Zoom calls

$899 USD

(3 x $325 if paid monthly)

6 month coaching journey

24 x weekly 30 minute Zoom calls


(6x $300 if paid monthly)

Georgie Coote NBC-HWC offers health and wellness coaching for women in midlife who have let their wellness fall by the wayside, to discover and implement healthy habits so they can maximize their health now, and flourish into later life. Based in Seattle WA, she works with clients all over the United States and the United Kingdom.

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