Offered weekly - Nov 15th to Dec 13th 2021

Group Coaching Guidelines

  1. Know that all participants are unique, resourceful, and whole and therefore there is no need to fix others' problems or to give advice.
  2. Be respectful to all members and your facilitator.
  3. Keep the focus on strengths.
  4. Listen deeply when others are being coached, you will gain your own insights from the questions and responses.
  5. Don’t interrupt during others' time talking or being coached.
  6. Have compassion for yourself and for others.
  7. Speak from your own experience (e.g. “this is what has worked for me”; “I have done it this way.”) Refrain from using “you should” or “you need to”.
  8. Maintain confidentiality to keep the coaching circle a safe space to share thoughts.
  9. Declare measurable action strategies.
  10. Be willing to defer to the facilitator.