Passionate love vs. Compassionate love

passionate love in midlife

Do you feel the spark has gone after spending many years in your long-term relationship? That the passionate love has been buried deep under the challenges of your marriage? This is not uncommon in a relationship that has weathered life’s ups and downs and has, well, to be honest, experienced life. Stresses may have eaten…

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How to have more fun in your relationship

Couple having fun

How often do you have fun together as a couple? Leaving aside day-to-day responsibilities and fully immersing yourself in your time spent together? Do you need to have more fun in your relationship? Find out how to have more fun in your relationship with this easy and dare I say it; fun exercise to do…

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Eight ways to nurture your empty nest relationship

Empty nest relationship

What is love? It’s a fleeting emotion that is very hard to define and comes in waves. Sometimes we feel very close to our romantic partner and sometimes not so much, right? Love is made up of gratitude, pride for your partner’s accomplishments, serenity, and a deep appreciation of your partner’s good points. After years…

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Tiny steps toward your goals

Tiny steps

I have just started working with a client who wants to increase her overall health, and she has firm ideas about her goal; she wants to lose 20 lbs by eating healthier and introducing enjoyable exercise to her life. She knows where she wants to be in a year, but every time she starts to…

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Navigating Midlife Transitions

midlife transition for women

There is no doubt that we go through many transition times, and midlife transitions are no exception. The Midlife Transition of the Empty Nest One huge challenge is facing the empty nest; after years of giving your all to your children and preparing them for their flight into the world with confidence, you may be…

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Are you ready to step into your power?

powerful women

Recently I was thrown in the deep end, and as I have experienced many times before, when I get thrown in the deep end, I don’t sink; I swim like a mermaid! It’s in times like this I step into my power. At age ten, I saved a fellow girl scout from drowning when everyone…

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What’s wrong with having a midlife crisis?

women midlife crisis

A midlife crisis might just be the call you need to answer. At a party recently, a group of friends talked about an acquaintance who was planning on climbing our local mountain, Mt Rainier. She’s turning fifty and wanted to mark this milestone in her life. The talk was of the training she was doing…

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