Six ways to increase your emotional bank account

Emotional Bank Account

In a relationship, it is vital to consider keeping your emotional bank account firmly in the black. Dipping into the red can lead to disaster. In her research on how a steady diet of positive emotions can help you thrive in life, Psychologist Dr Barbara Fredrickson, identified that it requires a ratio of three positive…

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How to communicate with your partner effectively

How to communicate

We have taken a look at how negative communication traits affect a relationship in my last post; How communicating using the Four Horsemen is harmful to your relationship. Now let’s look at how we can approach communication more positively. It’s important to learn how to communicate effectively, and it’s not always an easy task. Remember,…

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How to change your mindset to improve your relationship

change your mindset to improve your relationship

When we are in a long-term relationship, the early days of passionate love start to wear off, and we move into a more comfortable, deeper, steady type of love that comes with the feelings of security you have with a long-term partner. But often, we get annoyed by our partner’s quirks, habits, or perceived faults,…

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Passionate love vs. Compassionate love

passionate love in midlife

Do you feel the spark has gone after spending many years in your long-term relationship? That the passionate love has been buried deep under the challenges of your marriage? This is not uncommon in a relationship that has weathered life’s ups and downs and has, well, to be honest, experienced life. Stresses may have eaten…

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What’s your love language?

love language

It’s essential to know your partner’s and your own love language so you can connect with each other on a deeper level and express affection and love to them in a way that they can appreciate and deeply connect to. My language is ‘Acts of Service.’ If I come home and someone has emptied the…

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Seven ways to increase emotional intimacy with your partner

increase emotional intimacy

After years spent together, raising your family, and putting your career, family, and other demands of a busy life before your relationship, it may be time to start to put your relationship first. It’s time to think about ways to increase emotional intimacy with your partner. The love you have for each other is still…

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How to have more fun in your relationship

Couple having fun

How often do you have fun together as a couple? Leaving aside day-to-day responsibilities and fully immersing yourself in your time spent together? Do you need to have more fun in your relationship? Find out how to have more fun in your relationship with this easy and dare I say it; fun exercise to do…

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How to navigate change when your adult child moves home

Adult kids moving home

We talk about the freedom that an empty nest brings, but sometimes you find your nest refilling as your adult child moves home unexpectedly. It’s a change and perhaps a challenge for everyone and benefits from a careful setting of boundaries and thinking about what you all need to make the new living situation harmonious…

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