Love in Midlife with the 2 G's

I am so excited to share this new project in collaboration with Relationship Coach, Gary Austin. Join us as we help people navigate through relationships in their midlife. Whether you are in a marriage or looking to start over again we are here to help empower you to grow and adapt in your search for love again.

We will be discussing topics, live coaching, and reflecting on listeners' questions in our episodes. Come and be a guest or just listen; maybe you will be inspired to create your new look at love. Our passion is to help others grow their love and life in Midlife.

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Meet the 2 G's: Georgie & Gary

Gary and I are both graduates of the Guiding Mindful Change coaching certification program, and subsequently trained as trainers together.  I loved his energy and sense of humor, and as we both work as relationship coaches with couples in midlife, we came up with the idea of this podcast.  We have an absolute blast recording the episodes, and both look forward to it every week.  We hope it brings you as much hope and joy as it does us!

Gary Austin Coach


Gary is passionate about helping divorced people find their way to their new beginnings. Guiding people to find their power to create a love-centered life not burdened by parameters and expectations. Love is achievable beyond a breakup, and they can set their own path to a wonderful life.

Gary is a certified adult, kids, family yoga instructor, wellness coach, health instructor with Kaiser Permanente working with patients diagnosed with the need for lifestyle changes, author, podcast personality, blogger, and divorced father of three wonderful children.

Georgie Coote Relationship Coach


Georgie is passionate about working with couples at midlife who have let their relationship take second place to everything else in their lives. When they are ready to put themselves first, she works with them to discover what they want and need as individuals and as a couple to have a fulfilled and connected relationship.

She is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Gottman Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work leader.  She is a Mom to two grown daughters and has been happily married for over 25 years.