Showing gratitude: Why it makes you feel good

Showing gratitude

When my family first moved to the US in 2004 from the UK, we were excited to have my oldest daughter, Lucy, then four, learn to ski; she was a natural and took to it like a duck to water.  The pressure was on to get her up to the mountain as much as possible,…

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Your children don’t need you to solve their problems

Daily Stress Reducing Conversation

How a daily stress-reducing conversation can help you all decompress A few weeks ago, I was at a party and chatting to a group of women who had children younger than mine.  When I told them my eldest daughter was twenty, and one woman immediately asked: “What nugget of wisdom can you tell me that…

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How many hats do you wear in a day?

woman juggling life work family balance

Make changes in your life to reduce stress and burnout. As parents, colleagues, friends, partners, well let’s face it; as human beings, we wear multiple hats in a day.  Just the other day I was thinking how crazy it was that in just one day I was a mother, nurse, chef, party planner, cleaner, dog…

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