Move towards change with 7 powerful journal prompts.

Welcome the spring season to your life!

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we subconsciously live by the seasons. It’s difficult to move towards change at some times of the year and easier at others.

As the evenings get darker in the fall, we start to become more introspective and hunker down for the winter.

Now with spring here, there is an anticipation and excitement for the longer, warmer days, the promise that more light holds.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been able to get out into my garden and start the spring clean-up. Noticing the plants which lay dormant over the colder months begin to come back to life, and as they do, I feel myself having a boost of new energy—opening up to the promise of the new season.

Do you feel it too?

Are you ready to move towards change?

I have been in a time of deep reflection these past few months, considering how I want to live my personal and work life and how I can bring in more flow and fulfillment. What steps and plans do I need to put in place to manifest it just how I want it and move towards change?

But now, as the sun starts to shine again, I feel this lightness in myself too. You might also be in this stage of contemplating what’s next, of knowing that life could be just that much better.

Sit with uncertainty

Perhaps you have been journaling your thoughts or meditating, or maybe not knowing how to sit with the feeling of uncertainty.

Pondering some or all of these questions may help you move forward towards a bright summer season in your life;

  • What is missing in my life?
  • If I could do anything, what would I choose to do?
  • Picturing myself in my ideal life as if I was living it now, it looks like…
  • My strengths are…
  • What aspects of my life am I living according to my values?
  • What aspects of my life am I not living according to my values?
  • What do I need to let go of my life?

What is coming up for you?  Is it time to take the first step towards changing your life so you can feel more fulfilled, purposeful, and, well, happy!  We all deserve to live our best life, not settling for second best or living for the promise that we will be able to do whatever would make us happy in a few years. 

Let’s not wait; life is short; your time is now!

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