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Create more flow in your day – get organized.

Do you get to the end of the day and feel you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to? Do you feel like you want to create more flow in your life but find yourself always racing against the clock to get things done?

Perhaps you are trying to accomplish too much in a day. We tend to set the bar way too high and set ourselves up for failure even before getting out of bed.  You may have accomplished many things, but because you wanted to do more, you have the feeling of always playing catch up.

What is essential to get done today, and what can be pushed out to another time or even delegated to someone else?

Maybe you struggle with organizing yourself or your day.  Perhaps what you want to get done is manageable if you could get yourself in the right frame of mind and prioritize what is important. 

My client started to create more flow

Take my client, Emily, who was in the process of writing a book.  She knew that she wanted (and needed) to spend a few hours on it each day.  She would get up each morning, get her kids off to school, then proceed to get the chores done around the house and perhaps do the grocery shopping.  By the time she had finished all that, it was lunchtime, and then after that, she would sit down for a short time and write before the kids burst through the door after school. 

She felt frustrated that she wasn’t getting the time she needed to write. 

I asked her what her main priority was in the day, and she said that her writing was most important but that she also had to get the other chores done otherwise she would feel uncomfortable having them hanging over her head. 

With more exploration and contemplation on her part, she finally realized that if she reorganized her day, sitting down for three undisturbed hours of solid writing as soon as the kids left for school, she would still have time to do everything else later in the day.  She also realized that she was freshest in the morning, so this was ideal for her to do her work.  

An added ‘aha’ moment came when she had the idea of having the rest of the family tidy up the house before bedtime and delegate some of the other tasks she realized she didn’t have to do herself.

She got into the flow of writing and published her first book a few short months later.

How I get organized and stay in flow

One tool I love to use to organize myself is my online calendar.  I put everything on there from when I do my yoga, my other self-care, work time, walking the dogs, and even what I’m planning to make for dinner. 

I’m visual, so I love to see each category in different colors.  I can hear some of you saying, yes, but I don’t want to schedule my whole life; I want to create more flow.  I understand that, and I’m with you to a certain extent; there should be times when you are flexible, but if you want to get things done and feel overwhelmed or frustrated because you are not prioritizing your needs and wants, how is that serving you?

Although it looks highly scheduled, my calendar leaves plenty of space between appointments with myself and others, to have downtime and not feel rushed in any way.  There is no back-to-back scheduling, and I am also mindful of how many meetings I schedule in one day.  I am conscious of my energy and how it is affected by everything I do, so having this visual reminder is very helpful for me.  Sometimes I look and see it is too crowded, which is an indication for me to move some things around. To create a little more space and allows me to create more flow in my life, not less.

You are in control of your life

Remember, you have total control of your day, of your life, so it is your choice when and how you get things done.  You may have your inner critic speaking to you saying you ‘should’ be doing things a certain way, but if you take a step back and think about why you believe this, you may find that these long-held beliefs no longer serve you, and its time to shake things up a bit.

So let’s gather those reigns and steer your life where you want it to go!  Take charge of your time and make choices that serve you best and create more flow in your life.

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