Redefining wellness

What is wellness?

What does wellness mean to you? To me is not just an absence of illness and disease.

It’s about finding a balance in your life and your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Ultimate wellness comes when you live your life in harmony:  your family and friends, romantic relationships, health and wellness, work, recreational time, finances, spirituality, and physical environment, all working together so you feel fulfilled and balanced.

It’s all about balance

Waking up each morning excited and ready for your day. Listening to your intuition and be able to tune into your body to be able to answer the question, “What do I need today?”

It takes time and effort to work through stories you may be telling yourself that no longer work for you or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Befriending your inner critic who can be overly protective of your growth by instilling fear that you won’t be good enough or can’t do something and therefore shouldn’t even try. It’s safer to stay in your safe space, isn’t it?

Taking a look at each aspect of your life, firstly consider what area is calling your attention most, where you would like to concentrate your changes first, and then think what needs to change to increase your satisfaction in that area.

What is wellness to you and how do you reach optimum wellness for your personal situation?

Is it about eating healthy food that fuels your body with every bite? Or increasing your activity every day to build strength and stamina so you can start to do those activities with your family you have been sitting out of for the past few years? Or perhaps your sleep isn’t as good as it could be, and you find it hard to wake up refreshed and ready to move through your day with ease.

Do you need to create boundaries?

Perhaps it’s more that you need to create boundaries with your friends or family, so you have more balanced and enjoyable relationships, or you can free up time and put aside the guilt of not doing everything for everyone and putting yourself first. Leaving the ‘shoulds’ of doing things behind and doing something because you want to.

Are you mindful about how much responsibility and pressure you take on both at work and home? Could something in this area need changing to balance the scales?

Is there a next step in your career you would like to take but have been holding yourself back?

What expectations do you have of yourself, and do you show yourself the compassion and grace you offer others?

Maybe it’s finding small moments of joy in your day so your energetic vibrations are high and you will attract more of the same; after all, like attracts like. So it’s not about being super happy every day, but it is about slowing down enough to be able to notice those small moments of joy.

Take small steps and you will reach your wellness goals

It can be a long journey to reach optimal wellness. Still, each small step on the way brings you that much closer and feeling that much better. Enjoying each win on your journey and knowing that you are moving in the right direction away from unhealthy habits, fatigue, and frustration to realizing a life that you can only dream of right now. It won’t happen overnight, but each step on the journey is a step towards a more peaceful, healthy, and conscious life.

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