How to Raise Your Vibrational Energy

Have you ever wondered why some people continue to attract good things, and others seem to have one piece of bad luck after another? When you are consciously aware of your vibrational energy levels and strive to keep them high, not only is your outlook on life more positive, but you will pull other peopleContinue reading “How to Raise Your Vibrational Energy”

What is wellness?

What does wellness mean to you? To me is not just an absence of illness and disease. It’s about finding a balance in your life and your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Ultimate wellness comes when you live your life in harmony:  your family and friends, romantic relationships, health and wellness, work, recreational time,Continue reading “What is wellness?”

My deep sleep mystery

I’m a little obsessed with sleep and I worry when I hear people say that they only need a short amount of sleep each night, wearing it as a badge of honor and toughness. I know that sleep is essential for our overall wellness; too little sleep affecting our physical and mental well-being. I’ve personallyContinue reading “My deep sleep mystery”

Taking small steps towards change

How many times have you wanted to make a change and just the thought of it makes you feel overwhelmed?  Your heart rate increases and your head feels so full that you want to put it to one side and tackle it when you feel in the right mood; the right mood never comes. TakingContinue reading “Taking small steps towards change”

Want to start a new routine?  6 easy steps to make your goals achievable!

Simple ways to stop making excuses to yourself.  October 6, 2020 My exercise routine has fallen by the wayside.  I used to practice yoga at my local studio three times a week, and it was so great for my mental and emotional wellbeing. But since the studio had to close back in March, I haveContinue reading “Want to start a new routine?  6 easy steps to make your goals achievable!”