raising your vibrational energy

How to Raise Your Vibrational Energy

Have you ever wondered why some people continue to attract good things, and others seem to have one piece of bad luck after another? When you are consciously aware of your vibrational energy levels and strive to keep them high, not only is your outlook on life more positive, but you will pull other people and opportunities towards you like a magnet. Read on for a simple idea to help you raise your vibrational energy.

Practicing gratitude

I’m writing this in my beautiful English-style garden and thinking how much I am grateful for. The sun is shining, it’s warm, and the bees are quietly doing their busy work around the flowers, the gentle buzz of their wings a beautiful background noise.   When I am present, noticing what small moments of joy are around me, elevates my vibrational energy levels, and from this place of gratitude, plenty, and noticing, I can attract only good things.

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Photo by Venkata Suresh on Unsplash

I am not worried about what is to come, stressing that whatever I am working on will not come to fruition.  When we get in a mode of thinking about the future from a place of lack; of worrying about what we don’t have rather than embracing what we do have, our vibrational energy falls way down.

Raising your vibrational energy

When our vibrational energy is low, not only do we succumb to lower energy emotions of anxiety, worry, and sadness, we can only attract what is also at that vibrational level. Who wants to attract more of that?

Right down the bottom of the scale is depression, despair, grief, and right at the top is joy and gratitude and in between, there are a whole host of emotions.

Think of it as a ladder of emotions.  If you are feeling sad and grieving, you are right down there at the bottom rung.

Your vibrational energy is low and slow.  Leaving you feeling tired, hopeless, and in a dark space where perhaps you can’t even imagine feeling happy.

Step up the emotional ladder

So taking steps to raise our vibrational energy level, even a notch, one step at a time, can make a world of difference in how you live your life.

Did you know that science has proven that if you smile, even if you don’t feel like it, it fools your brain into thinking you are happy?   Just the simple act of smiling can help you up a rung or two.

When we are low, we can’t see the light.

When we are in a low vibrational energy state, we can’t see the light, so it helps to have a list of things that bring us joy, that make us happy, and that is what I would like you to think about—making that list.

Take some time to think about what brings you joy.  It can be the smallest of things.

Some of the small moments of joy that I appreciate are feeling the warmth of my dogs as they lie next to me, wearing a favorite sweater and feeling cozy, watching a fun Netflix show, taking a hot Epsom salt bath.

Or hearing the buzz of bees in the garden.

Some bigger things that bring me joy and take more effort are my yoga practice, walking at the beach, or doing physical work in my garden.

What are those things that you can feel your energy raising up when you think about them or do them? The things that cause you to feel a lightening in your body. This is raising your emotional energy up that scale, and if you keep doing it, you will rise up, up, and up.

Keep your list handy to be able to raise your vibrational energy whenever you need to

When you have made your list, which you can add to as you think of more things, keep it somewhere you can take a look at it when you feel you need some inspiration on what you can do when you are feeling sad to raise yourself up.

And incidentally, just the act of making a list will cause a shift in your emotional state.  Focusing on positive things always starts to raise your vibrational energy.

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